Whether you’re the leader or a member of the team, whether it’s a new team or an existing one that wants to improve, sometimes getting results from partnerships is not as easy as it once seemed and the reality gets in the way. Working together is not only about getting the right structures and agreements in place or about the intentions of organisations. It is first and foremost about the people that have to work together.

Often, there are different perspectives of the same situation.
“I’ll do it myself, that’s much faster/better, I don’t have time to explain” vs. “they always think they can do it better, how will we ever learn it ourselves”.
Or: “Why do they never deliver what we have agreed upon in time, I have to send that report now” vs. “I’ll say ‘yes’ to everything they ask, otherwise we might lose the cooperation and funding, but I know it’s impossible”.
People have to learn to cooperate, will need to adapt to different cultures and get to appreciate different ways of working. Teams need to develop ways to communicate and connect the dots.

I coach and mentor teams and individuals during this route of discovery, to strengthen their cooperation and create insights into the way their individual behaviour influences the outcome of the partnership. I help people discover how to use each other’s personal strengths to the benefit of the team and teams to work towards better results.

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