Are you working in an NGO or social enterprise and ready to make the next step, but you don’t know what that step could be or how to get there? Have you ever had that feeling that you are doing the best you can, working as hard as you can, yet it doesn’t work out as you planned, there seems to be no progress? Ever looked at that member of your team that seems not to be willing to do what you think obviously needs to be done? Wondered how to make your team cooperate better?

Every organization is made up of people, and they’re the most important asset of the organisation. Only when they give their best, develop themselves, individually and collectively, will the organisation be able to do what you want to do in the best possible way. The best results happen when everyone is able to use their qualities and all qualities are valued. Every person possesses a unique combination of talents, experiences, qualities and strengths, but also fears, limiting beliefs and uncertainties that stop them from fully utilizing their strengths.

I coach teams and individuals during their route of discovery, to strengthen their cooperation and create insights into the way their individual behaviour influences the outcomes of their activities. I help people discover how to use personal strengths to themselves, the organisation and the community they serve.

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