I work with people and organisations that want to make the world a little better, and who realise they can’t do that on their own. People and organisations for whom cooperation is an essential part of success as they realise that no one can achieve their goals alone. Partnerships and networks make it possible to match the knowledge, experience and skills needed to complete the tasks at hand. Yet, good partnerships don’t come into existence overnight. They require careful preparation and alignment of goals by people with the right attitude. When done properly, partnerships can bring inspiration and progress to all parties. When done wrong, they bring stagnation and frustration to everyone.

The most worthwhile, but also the most difficult, are the partnerships between organisations and people that are not alike: international and local organisations, government and citizens groups, NGOs and private companies. I have experienced, from different sides, how rewarding it can be when the cooperation does work and adds value to all parties involved. I have also experienced how difficult such cooperation can be, in spite of the best intentions. The agendas, the interests might not be the same, the level of professionalism between the organisations can be very different, the cultures don’t seem to match, and it takes time and effort to come to an effective cooperation.

Do you start or want to improve a partnership or network between different organisations and would you like additional expertise or support? You can contact me through the contact form or email.